Game Fields

Field Address Location Concession Stand Status
North Shore Field Parker Road from North Quinsigamond Avenue, one-quarter mile north of White City. Single Field Location Yes OPEN
Maple Ave Field Near Oak/Sherwood Schools Single Field Location No OPEN
Beal School Field Beal School Single Field Location No OPEN
Edgemere Off route 20 near Edgemere Diner Single Field Location Yes OPEN
Dean Park 1 Main Street Field with Concession Stand Yes OPEN
Dean Park 2 Main Street Small field opposite Dean 3 No OPEN
Dean Park 3 Main Street Next to restrooms No OPEN
Coolidge 1 Florence Street Field with concession stand Yes OPEN
Coolidge 2 Florence Street Opposite Field 1 No OPEN
Coolidge 3 Florence Street Next to the pond No OPEN
UMass 1 Off Route 9 & South St. Business Complex No OPEN
UMass 2 Off Route 9 & South St. Business Complex No OPEN
UMass 3 Off Route 9 & South St. Business Complex No OPEN
UMass 4 Off Route 9 & South St. Business Complex No OPEN
UMass 5 Off Route 9 & South St. Business Complex No OPEN

Practice Fields

Field Address Location Status
Hillando Dr. Off Walnut Street Park on the street near the backstop OPEN
Melody Ln. Off 140 (Grafton St) On the left, park near chain link fence on the street OPEN
Hills Farm Stoney Hill Road Off Route 20 behind Walters Car Wash OPEN

Parking Rules

Dean Park Use the front lots or lot off School Street for Little League fields #1-3. For upper fields use parking lots near fields. Make sure lot entrances are not blocked. Parking or drop-off along the access roads and the Dean Park caretaker’s front lawn is prohibited. Parking along Main Street (a state road) is prohibited
Maple Ave Park in designated parking spaces. Beware of children crossing the access roads from field to field.
Edgemere No off street parking is available. Participants should not park along both sides of the street. Blocking Robertson Street is prohibited and residents have been asked to contact the Police Department when there are parking problems. League officials are strongly advised to discuss parking at the site with their coaches and parents. Do not park in front of fire hydrants.
Beal School Park in the school parking lot.
Sherwood Park in the school parking lots. Do not block access gates to field.
Oak Middle Park in parking lots. No parking is allowed on access roads or at concession stand.
Coolidge Park in school parking lots and behind fields in lot near tennis courts. Do not block roadways or neighbors’ driveways.

Field Rules for the Town Of Shrewsbury

The use of the fields when standing water is present, during heavy rain, or following heavy rain will not be allowed. It is the responsibility of the organizations/coach to cancel the event during such conditions. Failure to cooperate with this will result in loss of field privileges as well as it will result in compaction of the turf and unsafe playing conditions

Parking is allowed in designated areas only. It is the responsibility of the organization to make sure vehicles are parked properly. Do not park vehicles in areas that affect public safety or block abutting neighbors’ property or driveways. Failure to cooperate with this may result in your organization being required to hire a police detail for events at the organization’s expense

All special events held on the fields require pre-approval from the Parks and Recreation Director and/or the Parks Commission.

Organizations are required to lime their own fields. The Director and/or Parks Foreman at the start of each season will determine Field layout.

Trash removal after events is the responsibility of the organization. Please make sure teams pick up water bottles and lost and found articles after practices/games. Trash barrels will be emptied at minimum once during the week and once on Sunday mornings. Large boxes from concession stands or boxes from equipment or uniforms must be taken to the dumpster located in the park of removed from the area.

Lights are to be for group play only and must be turned off by 10:00 PM. Use of lights past 10:00 PM will result in loss of privileges for future activities. Individuals are not allowed to use lights for individual use or non-organizational activity.

Unscheduled events or special requests require a minimum of 5 working days notice for approval. No guarantee that requests will be honored with late notice.

For safety reasons the department will not schedule events that are deemed non-compatible to each other in the space allowed.

It is the responsibility of the league to inform all parents and coaches of the field rules

The Parks and Recreation department request that communication be limited between league officials the department only. Any calls from the coaches and parents will be redirected back to the league. This is for the protection of the league officials, who make decisions for their whole program that might not be accepted by a minority.