Red Sox over Reds 3-0

Game Played on 4/23/2017 2:30 PM at Cool 3
Results were reported on 4/23/2017 6:23 PM
GameID: 12213

Pitching for Red Sox Pitching for Reds
NameAgePitch Count
Ryan Kelley952
Samuel Cunniffe848
NameAgePitch Count
Liam Lawlor950
Anthony Manolakos833
Owen Mongeon913

On a sun splashed spring afternoon the Reds and the Red Sox played a tight pitchers duel worthy of playoff baseball…not Opening Day!  The Red Sox won this one 3-0.  
 Red Sox pitchers Ryan Kelley and Sam Cunniffe combined to throw a 1 hit shut out while striking out 16 batters.  Meanwhile three Reds hurlers,  Liam Lawler, Anthony Manolakos and Owen Mongeon were stingy too; giving up only 3 hits and 3 runs.    The Red Sox broke a 0-0 tie in the 4th inning, with Nate Brodeur singling home Sam with the 1st run.  Pablo Hernandez followed with a clutch 2 run single and that was all the scoring!  Luke Edwardson chipped in a single for the Sox as well.   In addition to his fine pitching the Reds Liam Lawler picked up a single for the lone Reds hit.  
A tremendous game by both teams.  Good luck for the balance of the season!