Reds over Nationals 14-13

Game Played on 4/30/2017 4:00 PM at Cool 2
Results were reported on 4/30/2017 8:50 PM
GameID: 12250

Pitching for Reds Pitching for Nationals
NameAgePitch Count
Owen Mongeon935
Nathan Duerden844
Liam Lawlor935
Anthony Manolakos823
NameAgePitch Count
Patrick Babola824
William Tonelli934
Andrew Blanchette946
Christian Prizio823

The Nationals traveled to Cincinnati on Sunday afternoon to play the 4PM game on field 2.  The rain had cleared out and the field was in great shape for baseball.  The Nationals were rumored to have some big bats and they did not disappoint.   

The Reds started veteran righty Owen Mongeon and after an initial single by Kieran Kelly to lead off the game, he quieted the next 3 hitters with K’s.  Patrick Babola started for the Nationals and kept the Reds scoreless with 2 K’s.  

In the Second, 3 1B’s brought in a run for the Nationals with Christian Prizio crossing the plate.  The Reds would score a run in the second with a couple of tough earned BB’s.   

Nate Duerden made his pitching debut in the 3rd with 2 K’s.  The Reds would score 5 runs in the 3rd with some keen eyes at the plate with close pitches just missing.  Anthony Manolakos, Owen Mongeon, Oliver Jonason, Tristan Murgo, and Nate Duerden crossed the plate.   

The Nationals’ bats came back again in the 4th with hits by Max Caputo, Will Tonelli, Andrew Blanchette, and a HR by Patrick Babola.  5 runs ended up crossing the plate before the inning was over.  The Reds came back with 5 of their own to take an 11-6 lead.   

Liam Lawlor was brought in to pitch the 5th.  Liam threw lots of strikes with 2 K’s but the Nationals mixed in some nice patience at the plate earning a few BB’s and more hits to plate 5 more.  Andrew Blanchette would blacnk the Reds with 3 K’s in the 5th.  Tied 11-11 after 5!  

 The Nationals scored 2 runs in the 6th with a HR to left field by Will Tonelli.  (Jack the left fielder was able to order a hot dog at the Concession stand on Field one retrieving the ball..haha).  The top half of the inning ended after a line drive ripped by Patrick Babola was snared with a leaping catch by Owen Mongeon at 2nd base.  The Reds would work some counts in their favor to load the bases.  Christian Prizio would make a great play 1-2 to prevent a run from scoring.  Owen Mongeon grounded hard back to the pitcher to plate Celso Gilbert Cabrera.  With 2 outs, Nate Duerden ripped a line drive to short stop scoring Liam Lawlor with the winning run with Oliver just beating out the throw to 3rd base.   

A great game played by both sides.  Best wishes for a safe, healthy and enjoyable rest of the season for both teams.   

 Will Tonelli: HR, 3 hits, 3 runs scored
 Patrick Babola: HR, 4 RBI’s
 Andrew Blanchette: 2 hits, 3 K’s in one inning
 Max Caputo: 2 doubles  

 Reds: Nate Duerden: 2 INN pitched, 3 K’s, 2 hits, GW RBI
 Oliver Jonason: Great catch at 3rd base