Coach Jim McKay over Arpino Construction 18-8

Game Played on 4/30/2017 7:00 PM at Upper Dean
Results were reported on 4/30/2017 10:14 PM
GameID: 12255

Pitching for Coach Jim McKay Pitching for Arpino Construction
NameAgePitch Count
Maeve Gale133
Ava DeAngelis132
NameAgePitch Count
Megan Remington143
Serena Arpino132

The Sunday Night Showcase was a lot of fun for players, coaches, and fans tonight, under the lights at Upper Dean. We had music and announcements to add to the atmosphere tonight, kicking up the energy level. A lot of offense on display throughout the game, along with some gritty pitching, catching and defense. Good luck to both teams the rest of the spring. I'm sure the next game between both teams will be even more entertaining!