Padres over Royals 10-9

Game Played on 4/30/2017 5:00 PM at Cool 1
Results were reported on 5/1/2017 11:49 AM
GameID: 12256

Pitching for Padres Pitching for Royals
NameAgePitch Count
Adam Trani851
Dante Solitro821
Zavonte Walker724
Cameron Kelly99
NameAgePitch Count
Tee Hutt832
Bryan Richardson935
George Kosheff925

Padres Hang On to Edge Royals 10-9

  The Padres were able to hang on to a late surge by the Royals in a great matchup last night at Coolidge Field in Shrewsbury. Both teams produced hits from multiple players and made some great plays in the field.

The Padres took an early lead to open up the game with hits by Cameron Kelly and Sota Matsuda in the top of the first and scored five runs to make it 5-0. The Royals responded in the bottom half of the second inning though with four runs of their own with hits by Brayden Crandall and TJ Hutt to cut the Padres lead to 5-4.  The Padres added to their lead by scoring 5 more runs in the top of the third with a hit from Jaydon Dumont to increase the score to 10-4. Then things got interesting in the bottom half of the inning (third) when the Royals plated 5 and cut the lead to 10-9.  The fourth and final inning (due to time) featured no runs for either teams. Great defense by Sota Matsuda and pitching by Cameron Kelly kept the Royals bats from threatening to tie or win the game late.

The Royals pitching staff led by TJ Hutt, Brian Richardson, and George Kosheff struck out 8 Padres batters. While the Padres led by Adam Trani, Dante Solitro, Zavonte Walker, and Cameron Kelly struck out 5.  The Royals offense strung together six hits total, with six players (Tj Hutt, Jake Grenier, Brady O’Connell, George Kosheff, Jack Mitchell, and Brayden Crandall)  each recording 1 hit.  The Padres offense was led by Cameron Kelly, Sota Matsuda, and Jaydon Dumont who all had 1 hit each.