Astros over White Sox 15-7

Game Played on 5/7/2017 2:30 PM at Cool 2
Results were reported on 5/8/2017 7:47 PM
GameID: 12306

Pitching for Astros Pitching for White Sox
NameAgePitch Count
Brayden Mahoney848
Timothy Donohoe831
Cameron Coran939
NameAgePitch Count
Eric Hamelin849
Neel Afini834
Benjamin Guglietta834

In a game originally slated for Saturday night, the White Sox and Astros met on a breezy Sunday afternoon with matching 1-2 records.  It was a hard fought battle that saw six different pitchers and four lead changes.

Taking the mound for his second start of the season was rookie right hander Brayden Mahoney. The White Sox would waste no time jumping on the first few pitches resulting in back to back hits by Kyle Dodge and Amanda Kelmer. Bradyen would settle in shortly thereafter striking out two of the final four batters he faced and limiting the damage to just one run. In the bottom of the first Coach Kelmer sent young Eric Hamelin to the mound marking his third appearance this season. Eric would match Brayden’s performance striking out two in the inning, but a very patient Astro’s team would find a way to manufacture five runs behind hits by Dylan Coran and Michael Harrington. End of one …Astros 5 …White Sox 1

Brayden would return to the mound in the second, but solid plate discipline by the White Sox resulted in his exit midway through the inning. Tim Donohoe would replace Brayden looking to help close out the inning but not before the White Sox managed to score five runs. In the bottom of the second Neel Afini strolled out to the mound looking to preserve the lead for the Sox. This marked Neel’s first outing of the 2017 season. Much like the first inning however the Astros would find a way to get on the scoreboard five times. End of two …Astros 10 …White Sox 6

To kick things off in the third lefty Cam Coran would take the mound for the Astros. Cam walked the first batter, then struck out the next two batters he faced. With runners in scoring position Kyle Dodge stepped to the plate and smacked a pitch to straight away center. With runners on the move it appeared the White Sox were headed for another big inning, but centerfielder Parker Mulryan quickly closed on the ball and fired a laser to Brayden for the tag out at third base limiting the White Sox to just one run. In the bottom of the inning Ben Guglietta would step to the mound in relief for the White Sox.  Like the previous two innings patience and a timely hit by Ivan Wisuri saw the Astros score five more runs. End of three …Astros 15 …White Sox 7

To the top of the fourth we go and Cam returned to close things out. Cam struck out two more batters, and with runners in scoring positioned turned to his defense for help ending the game on a fielder’s choice. Final Score …Astros 15 ...White Sox 7

Both teams battled and left if all on the field yesterday afternoon. Best of luck to both teams the rest of the way.