Rangers over Angels 7-6

Game Played on 5/7/2017 3:00 PM at Dean 3
Results were reported on 5/8/2017 8:32 PM
GameID: 12307

Pitching for Rangers Pitching for Angels
NameAgePitch Count
Veer Bhasin1046
Patrick Matthews1150
Veer Bhatia1037
NameAgePitch Count
Alex D'Antilio1150
Brendan Lyonnais1031
Siddharth Srinivasan1045

The skies cleared long enough for the fields to dry out on Sunday and Dean Park played host to the 2nd meeting between the Rangers and the Angels.  The Rangers sent Veer Bhasin to start the game.  The Angels started off with a bang sending 7 batters to the plate but the Rangers managed to keep all but 1 of them off the board.  The Halos sent ace Alex D'Antilio to the mound to try to tame the Rangers bats.  Veer Basin hit a hep yourself single and stole 2nd.  Patrick Matthews then hit a single driving him in to tie it up.  Alex settled in and got the final 2 outs without allowing another run.  1 -1 After the 1st.

The Angels bat got hot and with 4 hits in the inning plated 3 runs to take the lead.  The Rangers tried to counter punch but Alex would not be denied and left the bases loaded.  The Rangers did managed to get 1 run across to cut into the lead.  Angels 4 - Ranger 2 after 2.

Patrick Matthews came in for the Rangers and struck out the side in the top of the 3rd. The Rangers tried to rally again in the bottom half against Brendan Lyonnais for the Angels.  Rangers sent 8 batters to the plate and left them loaded again but managed to get 2 runs across the tie it up.  4-4 after 3.Angels wouldn't let up though and scored 2 of their own in the top of the 4th to once again take the lead.  The Rangers managed to get one run across in the bottom of the 4th leaving 2 more men on base.

Veer Bhatia on to pitch the 5th and retires the side in 4 batters.  In the bottom of the inning the Rangers had them loaded yet again.  This time Veer Bhatia wins the battle at the plate and hit a hard single which scored 2 for the Rangers to take the lead.  That was all they would get however and once again left the bases full of Rangers.

Veer Bhatia tells his coach he's got enough left in the tank to go close out the game and true to his word strikes out the first 2 batters he sees.  After back-to-back singles however the Coach takes a visit to the mound and Bhatia insists he's got it.  Veer does his thing and gets the Angles batter to pop out to third to take home the W.

Angels Stand-Outs
Jason Malo - 2-2  2RBIs 1RS
Sid Srinivasan - 2-3 2RBIs
Shane Abramowitz - 2-3 1RS

Rangers Stand-Outs
Patrick Matthews - 2-3, 1-RBI,  2 Innings Pitched, 5Ks
Veer Basin - 2-3, 1-RBI  1-RS
Veer Bhatia - 2-3, 2-RBIs, 2 Innings Pitched, 4Ks

Great game by both teams and good luck the rest of the season!!