Indians over Reds 7-4

Game Played on 5/10/2017 5:30 PM at Cool 1
Results were reported on 5/11/2017 11:53 AM
GameID: 13308

Pitching for Indians Pitching for Reds
NameAgePitch Count
Ryan White959
Charlie Kent834
NameAgePitch Count
Anthony Manolakos850
Jackson Lee726
Liam Lawlor929

With the sun finally out, the Reds made the 4 hour drive north on I-71 to visit the Indians for in-state bragging rights.  This game was billed as a clash of powerhouses and it lived up to it and more.

Ryan White took the mound for the Indians to face off against the Big Red Machine.  Right out of the gate Ryan was dealing, striking out the first two hitters with high octane fastball after fastball.  Up stepped Owen Mongeon, determined to get his cuts in.  Ryan blew a fastball by Owen followed by a ball.  On the next pitch Owen got a piece, his timing was there, but just fouled it off.  With the count 1-2, Ryan came back with power and Owen was ready as he drilled a shot back up through the box.  But, in the blink of an eye, Ryan stuck his glove out as he snared the ball, getting knocked backwards in the process, and calmly took 2 steps to first and tossed it over for the third out of the inning.  Ryan came off smiling, knowing he got away with one there.

For the Reds. Anthony Manolakos took the hill.  Leading off for the Tribe was one half of the Chambertwins, Jackson, and he rewarded his coach’s decision to put him in the leadoff spot with a well placed single to short.  Antman was able to get himself a strikeout on the next batter as Jackson stole second.  Torin Narva stepped to the plate and after taking the first pitch, he slapped a ball down the third base line.  The third baseman fielded it cleanly and took a look at the runner at second and threw to first but that slight hesitation was all that Torin needed as his wheels got him down the line to beat the throw.  On the throw to first Jackson took off for third and got there.  Runners on the corners and one out, Ryan White came to the plate.  On the first pitch he saw he hit a groundball to shortstop who quickly flipped to second to get the out but a great takeout slide by Torin prevented the double play and the Indians had just scored their first run.  Now with two outs, Charlie Kent stepped to the plate.  After some extra BP on his off day, Charlie was ready to hit.  He just missed one as he popped out to the first baseman to end the inning.  End of 1 … Indians 1 …. Reds 0

The top of the second brought White to the mound again as he continued to look real strong striking out the side.  Two innings pitched, 21 pitches, 5 K’s, and a great defensive play, Ryan had himself a perfect game going.

Anthony Manolakos strolled to the mound for another inning of work.  The Indians hitters were patient and made Antman work, getting the first two runners on via the base on balls.  Manolakos fought back to get the next batter with a back door slide for the first out of the inning.  He then got the second out by inducing a groundball to first.  After walking the next batter to load the bases with two outs, Antman slammed the door shut on the inning with his second K of the inning.  End of 2 … Indians 1 … Reds 0

Ryan came out to pitch the third and it was a repeat of the second inning as he sent three Reds back to the dugout with another 3 K’s.  Still perfect through three for the big righty.

The Reds sent Antman out for his third inning of work and he got things started off with his fourth strikeout of the night.  The next couple of Indians were patient and ran his pitch count up so Reds management made a call to the bullpen for rookie Jackson Lee.  Indians hitters remained patient and at the end of the inning they had plated 5 runs which would prove to be pivotal in this game.  End of 3 … Indians 6 … Reds 0

Still carrying a perfect game, Ryan White came out for the fourth inning.  Maybe it was the long time between innings that cooled Ryan off but Leonidas Jonason and Celso Gilbert Cabrera each got on base and the perfect game was gone.  Ryan was able to regain his form and struck the next batter out for the first out of the inning.  With runners on 1st and 2nd, it returned to the top of the Reds order and things were about to get interesting.  Ryan blazed the first pitch by Anthony Manolakos for strike one.  Antman stepped out of the box and took a few practice swings and then dug back in.  Ryan came right back at him but this time Antman timed it perfectly … "A-B-C you later"….as he turned on it and drilled a shot out into left field for a monstrous momentum swinging 3 run HOMERUN and the lead was cut in half just like that.  Ryan settled down and got the next hitter via the K but that was only the second out of the inning.  In strolled the Big Red Machine’s number 3 hitter, Owen Mongeon.  After taking the first pitch for a ball Owen got ready as Ryan tried to groove a fastball in there …. "Flight Number 6, you’ve been cleared for take-off" …. And the score was now 6-4 as Owen clubbed a ball into deep right and rounded the bases.  Ryan was able to get the final out of the inning on the next batter but the damage was done, the Reds had just turned Coolidge 1 into their own personal launching pad.

In the bottom of the fourth, the Reds sent in their third pitcher of the evening, Liam Lawlor.  With the momentum clearly shifting in the Reds favor, Liam made quick work of the Tribe striking out the side.  The Reds team was pumped as they sprinted off the field ready to get back to work at the plate.  End of 4 … Indians 6 … Reds 4

The top of the fifth saw a pitching change for the Indians.  Rookie of the Year candidate, Charlie Kent, took the hill.  The Reds bench was up on the fence and their fans were rocking.  With ice water running through his veins, Charlie Kent delivered with pin point precision six straight strikes for the first two outs of the inning.  Tristan Murgo was able to rattle Kent a little as he got on and stole second but no worries as Charlie ended the inning with his third K of the inning.

Lawlor took the ball again in the bottom of the fifth.  No trouble with the first batter and he struck him out but in stepped the sultan of swat, Torin Narva.  Liam was very careful as he pitched to Torin who ran the count to 3-0.  Liam came back with a strike hard in on the hands that Torin couldn’t turn on fast enough.   With the count now standing at 3-1 and nobody on base and 1 out, Liam shook off his catcher’s call for the curve and he went with the fastball on the outside corner …. "3-2-1 ... We have lift off" …. And just like that Torin had just sent one into orbit over the left fielder’s head and the lead was back to three.  Liam was able to rebound as he struck out the next two batters to end the inning but the damage was done and some of the momentum had swung back in the home team’s favor.  End of 5 … Indians 7 … Reds 4.

The sixth inning was new territory for the Indians so the coaches gathered them around for a quick pep talk before sending them out to the field.  With the Indians fans on their feet, Charlie Kent went to the mound vying to close this out and solidify himself as the leading ROY candidate.  The Reds were not about to go quietly as they took some big swings but Kent was up for the challenge, getting the first two outs of the inning.  Celso was able to earn himself a pass to first base and the Reds still had some life to them.  Coach made a quick trip to the mound to talk to his flame throwing rookie, telling him to take a look in at the Reds bench to see the top of their order was on deck frothing at the mouth for a chance to extend this game.  Charlie knew what he had to do as he blistered three straight fastballs to send the Indians faithful home with the win.  End of game … Indians 7 … Reds 4.

This game lived up to the hype as we saw some incredible pitching, great defense, and BIG hits by both teams.  Both teams served notice tonight to the rest of the league that they are here and they are ready to play.