BayCoast Mortgage over Dick's Sporting Goods 5-4

Game Played on 5/10/2017 6:00 PM at Maple
Results were reported on 5/11/2017 4:44 PM
GameID: 13312

Pitching for BayCoast Mortgage Pitching for Dick's Sporting Goods
NameAgePitch Count
Elizabeth Pellini1225
Zofia Sargent1255
Dina Yacoub1310
NameAgePitch Count
Sylvia Dempsey1217
Lindsey Kotsopoulos1113
Madison Thibeault1217
Kate Hitchcock1236

What can we say but "wow".  That game was about as exciting as they get -- and we thought the first game between Dick's Sporting Goods and BayCoast Mortgage was exciting (that one ended in an 11 - 11 tie).  

Game highlights:  A pitcher's duel with Dick's going up 2 - 0 in the first inning and holding BayCoast to one run over the next three innings until the bottom of the 4th when BayCoast exploded for 3 runs to tie the game at 4 - 4.  And then, of course, the steal of all bases (1st, 2nd, 3rd and home) by Avery Kurzontkowski in the bottom of the 6th to win the game for BayCoast.  Not sure we've seen Avery smile that much since the season started.

Congratulations to all of the girls from both teams who were part of this extraordinarily exciting competition.