Padres over Cardinals 11-7

Game Played on 5/11/2017 5:30 PM at Cool 3
Results were reported on 5/12/2017 7:27 PM
GameID: 13321

Pitching for Padres Pitching for Cardinals
NameAgePitch Count
Sota Matsuda845
Cameron Kelly940
NameAgePitch Count
John St Pierre955
Patrick O'Toole935
Colin Marques923

The Padres were able to outlast a strong Cardinals team, and hung on for the victory.  This was a great game played by both teams.   

The Padres took an early lead and scored one run in the top of the first on hits by Cameron Kelly and Sota Matsuda. The Padres added to their lead with a five run second inning with hits by Brody Sheard, Jaydon Dumont, Adam Trani and Cameron Kelly.

The Cardinals responded though with four runs of their own in the bottom of the third led by Colin Marques (double), Patrick O’Toole (triple) and Ben Lane (single).  This cut the Padres lead to 6-4.  The Padres kept their offensive streak going though in the top half of the fourth and increased their lead to 11-4, with hits by Jaydon Dumont, Cameron Kelly, Sota Matsuda and Dante Solitro.
Although darkness started to set in, in the bottom half of the fourth, the Cardinals weren’t going down without a fight. They plated 3 more runs and would have scored more had Zavonte Walker not made a great catch to end the game and rob Patrick O’Toole of an extra base hit.  

The Cardinals pitching staff led by Jack St. Pierre, Patrick O’Toole and Colin Marques struck out 9 Padres batters. While the Padres led by Sota Matsuda, and Cameron Kelly struck out 8 Cardinals batters.  

The Cardinals offense was led by Colin Marques (3 hits), Patrick O’Toole (2 hits), and Ben Lane (1 hit). The Padres offense was led by Cameron Kelly (3 hits), Sota Matsuda and Jaydon Dumont (2 hits), and Adam Trani, Jack Costa, Dante Solitro, and Brody Sheard (1 hit).

Good luck to both teams the rest of the season!