Braves over Reds 13-9

Game Played on 5/12/2017 5:30 PM at Dean3
Results were reported on 5/14/2017 2:11 PM
GameID: 13326

Pitching for Braves Pitching for Reds
NameAgePitch Count
Colby Belanger1248
Jack Kamin1151
Kyle Daignault1216
NameAgePitch Count
Luke Reardon1247
Alex Kotsopoulos1157

In the Friday night tilt between the Braves and Reds, both teams combined for 20 hits, 10 walks and 24 runs.  The first two tallies were split evenly down the middle.  Luckily for the Braves, the last figure wasn’t as they secured the 13-9 victory.  The Braves scored early and often but the Reds nearly matched the output to in the end fall just short.

Offensive stars- Reds:  Chase Collins and Alex Kotsopoulos who were each 2 for 3. Braves: Kyle Daignault and Michael Ellerbrook who were each 2 for 3.

Good luck to the Reds the rest of the way!