Dick's Sporting Goods over Heart and Stone Jewelry 10-9

Game Played on 5/16/2017 6:00 PM at Maple
Results were reported on 5/16/2017 11:43 PM
GameID: 13334

Pitching for Dick's Sporting Goods Pitching for Heart and Stone Jewelry
NameAgePitch Count
Lindsey Kotsopoulos112
Sylvia Dempsey123
Kate Hitchcock121
NameAgePitch Count
Cara Mancini112
Grace Creamer133
Megan Albertson131
Kylie MacDonald111

Excellent well played game by both teams! Grace was dominating with her pitching, striking out ten in 3 innings of work.  Megan hit a bomb of a Home run!!  In the end patient at bats by the home team pulled out a 1 run win.  Sometimes the team record doesn't always show how good a team is, and both these teams are playing solid softball.

Best of luck to both teams the rest of the season