Reds over Royals 5-1

Game Played on 5/18/2017 5:30 PM at Cool 2
Results were reported on 5/19/2017 7:56 PM
GameID: 13361

Pitching for Reds Pitching for Royals
NameAgePitch Count
Liam Lawlor935
Anthony Manolakos835
Tristan Murgo833
Owen Mongeon922
NameAgePitch Count
Brady O'Connell750
George Kosheff950
Tee Hutt812

Game Reported Reds over Royals 5-1

Well the fields dried out in Cincinnati as the Reds and the Royals finally made up their game originally scheduled for April 26th.  Not be outdone by the rain, even the sun played a role and delayed the game for 15 minutes on Field 2 as it set behind the trees!  It was a whopping 84 degrees at game time!

The Royals made starting pitcher Liam Lawlor toil a bit in the first inning by making him throw 27 first inning pitches to 5 batters, but some good defense and 2 K’s allowed the Reds to bat with the score still at zero.  Brady O’Connell took the mound for the Royals and faced 7 Reds hitters.  While he struck out 2, ever reliable Anthony “Antman” Manolakos crossed home plate after getting on via a single, moved to second via a walk by Liam and gave Owen “Sponge” Mongeon a RBI. 

Second inning again the Royals were patient and ran up the pitch count on the Reds but did not score.  Same can be said for the Reds, as Royals starting pitch Brady struck out 3 over the course of the inning..

Third inning featured Reds pitcher Anthony continuing his dry spell from taking over in the second to push through the 3rd inning by striking out 2 and getting some defensive help.  Then the Reds found their groove and managed to put up 3 runs as again “Sponge” added to his RBI count by hitting home Anthony and Liam on a 3 run shot.  Royals pitcher George Kosheff saw enough of that and then struck out 3 batters in a row to end the inning.  Reds 4, Royals 0.

Fourth inning fireworks for the Royals occurred right out of the gate as Jake Grenier hit a screaming double to right field.  Then TJ Hutt put another Royal on the bags via a walk.  But the offense for the Royals would have to wait a bit longer as Tristan Murgo came in for “Antman” and promptly issued 2 strikes to add to Anthony’s one and end the top half of the 4th.  The Reds put up one more run in the inning as they benefitted from some patience in the box as they loaded the bases beginning with Colin Duffy who lead off with a walk.  He managed to get home on a single by “Antman”.

The Royals had no quit in them and hung in there  in the 5th to load the bases which netted them one run as Brayden Crandall made his way home on an issued walk.  Owen “Sponge” Mongeon ensured that was it in terms of runs and locked down the Royals with 3 strikeouts. Final Score Reds 5, Royals 1.

A great game on a great weather night. Best wishes for a healthy, safe and enjoyable rest of the season to both teams.


Royals: Brady O’Connell 6K’s, George Kosheff reached 2X and broke the radar gun via pitching 50 pitches, Jake Grenier and his leadoff double in the 4th and TJ Hutt reaching the bags safely 2X.

Reds: Liam Lawlor 2 innings of shut-out work 3K’s. Anthony Manolakos reached safely 3X, 1 run scored, 1 RBI and pitched 2+ innings.  Tristan Murgo pitching debut 2K’s. Owen Mongeon 3 run HR, 3K’s in relief.