Astros over Padres 10-4

Game Played on 5/18/2017 5:30 PM at Cool 1
Results were reported on 5/20/2017 10:27 AM
GameID: 13370

Pitching for Astros Pitching for Padres
NameAgePitch Count
Brayden Mahoney837
Timothy Donohoe838
Colin Desruisseaux814
Cameron Coran912
NameAgePitch Count
Adam Trani826
Sota Matsuda831
Jackson Morgan827
Dante Solitro828
Angelo McNamara734

The calendar may have read May 18th, but it sure felt more like mid-July at first pitch. The Astros traveled to Coolidge 1 to take on the one loss Padres riding a three game winning streak.

 Adam Trani would take the mound to kick things off in the first and he pitched well.  Despite a solid performance that included striking out three batters, the Astros were able to take an early three run lead following four consecutive hits by Brayden Mahoney, Cam Coran, Michael Harrington, and Ivan Wisuri. To the bottom of the fist we go and Brayden would take the ball for the Astros. Fourteen pitches and 2 K’s later the inning was over. End of one… Astros 3 …Padres 0
Coach Kelly would turn the ball over to Sota Matsuda looking to keep the game close in the second. Hits by Suhas Bharthepude, Parker Mulryan, and Cam Coran helped tack on two more runs for the Astros. Brayden strolled back out to the mound in the bottom of the second and added to his impressive outing striking out three more batters on his way to another scoreless inning. End of two …Astros 5 …Padres 0

In the third Jackson Morgan took the mound for the Padres, and following a lead of hit by Michael Harrington, quieted the Astros bats striking out two and keeping the game close. Coach Mahoney would turn the ball over to veteran Tim Donohoe, but the Padres would rally. Adam Trani would lead things off with a hit. Six batters later Joel Dumont would hit a blast scoring three. With the Padres within one run Tim would lean back and strike out the tying run ending the third and preserving the lead. End of three …Astros 5 …Padres 4

The fourth inning was owned by both pitchers. Tyler Boehnke would get to new pitcher Dante Solitro with a lead off hit, but Dante would quickly shut the door on the Astros striking out two and keeping it a one run game. Not to be outdone Colin Desruisseaux took over for the Astros striking out the first three batters he faced on just 14 pitches. End of four …Astros 5 …Padres 4

To the fifth we go and out came the fifth pitcher of the night Angelo McNamara for the Padres. Michael Harrington lead things off with his third hit of the evening. Following some solid plate discipline Suhas Bharthepude stepped to the plate and hit a shot to center on the way to a five run fifth. The Astros would then turn the ball over to Cam Coran to help close things out. Twelve pitches later the game was over. End of five …Astros 10 …Padres 4

It was an awesome game under warm and muggy conditions and both teams battled to the end. Best of luck to both teams the rest of the season and into the playoffs.