Orioles over Tigers 12-11

Game Played on 5/19/2017 5:30 PM at Dean3
Results were reported on 5/21/2017 12:44 PM
GameID: 13376

Pitching for Orioles Pitching for Tigers
NameAgePitch Count
Joshua Hamm1139
Andrew Peris1157
Patrick Kane1123
Ryan Keddy925
NameAgePitch Count
Noah Garvin1244
Samuel Bachini1149
Scott Hanam1236

It was a gorgeous evening for baseball at Dean Park. The Tigers were visiting the Orioles on Dean 3. Joshua Hamm took the mound for his first start of the season. He faced an aggressive Tigers battery. Ryan Igallo led off the inning with a HBP. Jax Roderick and Scott Hanam battled but were retired for the first two outs of the inning. Luke Gallo earned a walk and would later score with Ryan Igallo when Carter Marques laced a single to left center field. Dylan Fanale was able to reach base to extend the inning. Sam Bachini then grounded out short-stop to first for the last out of the top half of the inning. Noah Garvin took the mound for the Tigers. Drew Peris led off the home half of the inning with a double to right center field. He would then steal third and home to open up the scoring of the Orioles. Ryan Keddy singled to center. Garvin was able to get Matt Schofield to fly-out to the short stop in shallow left field. TJ Welch would line a single to right field to score Keddy. Oliver Canavan would walk and score behind Welch to finish the scoring for the home team. End of one inning of play Orioles 4 - Tigers 2.  

Hamm returned to the hill for his second inning of work. The Tigers continued to battle Hamm on every pitch. The first three batters, Noah Garvin – Kam Duprey – Ryan Igallo, would reach base. Noah would score on a passed ball. Hamm was able to retire Roderick for the first out of the inning. Scott Hanam launched a 3-run homerun to deep right center field. Congrats Scott! Andrew Peris came in to relieve Hamm. He gave up a single to Luke Gallo, but was able to get the next two batters to retire in order. Garvin returned to the mound for the Tigers. Max Diaz got on first to lead off the home half of the inning. Patrick Kane then hit into a fielder’s choice that forced Diaz at second base. Landan Gray hit a line drive to the Tiger’s second baseman – great play – for the second out of the inning. Asher Huang hit a missile to Tiger’s third baseman, Carter Marques, who made a great play as he threw the ball to first for the last out of the inning. After two innings of play, the Tigers led 7-4.

Peris returned to the hill to face Tiger’s Sam Bachini who earned a spot on first after a good at-bat. Peris was able to get the next two batters to retire in order. Ryan Igallo battled Peris at the plate and earned a spot on first. Sam Bachini tried to score for the Tigers on a passed ball, but the Orioles catcher, Ryan Keddy tracked down the ball and tossed it to Peris who was covering home and tagged out Bachini at the plate for the last out of the top half of the inning. Sam Bachini took to the mound in the bottom of the inning. Peris singled. Keddy flied out to center. Schofield, Welch, Canavan, and Joe McKenzie singled. Hamm flied out to short stop in left field. Max Diaz earned a walk. Patrick Kane singled to score two runs. Landan Gray hit a rocket to the first baseman for the final out of the inning. After 3 innings of play the Orioles led 10-7.

Peris returned to the hill for his third inning of work. He got Roderick to fly out in the infield. Hanam followed up with a single and stole a base. He scored on Luke Gallo’s single. Peris would settle down and get the next two Tiger’s batters, Marques and Fanale to retire in order. Bachini took the hill for his second inning of work. He got Huang to retire. Peris and Keddy singled. Both would get caught stealing bases with great throws, catches, and tags first by the Tiger’s defense. Nice plays boys! After four innings of play, the Orioles held onto a lead 10-8.

Patrick Kane came in to the game in relief in the fifth inning. Bachini led off the inning with a walk. Kane would retire Garvin for the first out. Duprey would battle at the plate and earn a walk. Bachini would score on a couple of passed balls. Ryan Igallo walked before Kane was able to get out of the inning when Roderick grounded out to Schofield at short stop, and turned an inning ending double-play. Great play boys! The Orioles faced Tiger’s reliever Scott Hanam in the home half of the fifth. Schofield singled and got to second base on Welch’s fielder’s choice – second to first for the first out. Canavan singled which allowed Schofield to score. McKenzie put up a great fight at the plate before he was retired for the second out. Hamm singled. Canavan would score after Diaz and Kane earned walks. Gray hit a shot to center field where Igallo made a tremendous catch to end the Orioles threat. After five innings of play, the Orioles led the Tigers 12-9.

Ryan Keddy was called upon to close out the game for the home team. The Tigers weren’t going to make it easy. After another single by Hanam and a walk to Gallo, Keddy would battle with Marques before he retired him for the first out. Fanale earned a walk. Both Hanam and Gallo scored on passed balls making the score 12-11. Keddy would rely on his defense to help him. Bachini lined a rocket to TJ Welch playing third for the second out of the inning. Garvin was up next and hit a ground ball to Schofield playing short stop. Schofield fired the ball to Hamm outstretched at first base for the last out of the game. Congrats Orioles on your first win of this young season 12-11 over the tough Tigers!!  

Both teams played great in the field and hit the ball all over the place tonight. Great games boys! Good luck to both teams!

Tiger’s Highlights:
Ryan Igallo – 2BB’s / 2HBP / 2 runs scored
Jax Roderick – hit the ball hard
Scott Hanam 3-4 / 3 run HR (congrats!) / 3 runs scored
Luke Gallo 2-2 / 2BB’s / 3 runs scored
Carter Marques 1-4
Dylan Fanale reached base twice / BB
Sam Bachini 2BB’s / run scored
Noah Garvin HBP / run scored
Kamden Duprey 2 BB’s / run scored  

Orioles Highlights:
Andrew Peris 3-3 / Double / 2 runs scored
Ryan Keddy 2-3 / run scored
Matt Schofield 2-3 / 2 runs scored
TJ Welch 2-3 / 2 runs scored
Oliver Canavan 2-2 / BB / 3 runs scored
Joe McKenzie 1-3 / run scored
Joshua Hamm 1-3
Max Diaz 2 BB’s / run scored
Patrick Kane 1-2 / BB
Landan Gray hit the ball hard
Asher Huang hit the ball hard