Reds over Dodgers 14-1

Game Played on 5/20/2017 7:00 PM at Dean 3
Results were reported on 5/21/2017 10:12 PM
GameID: 13379

Pitching for Reds Pitching for Dodgers
NameAgePitch Count
Nathan Duerden829
Liam Lawlor920
Owen Mongeon911
Anthony Manolakos814
NameAgePitch Count
Anthony Giampapa850
Christopher D'Antilio850

Game Reported Reds over Dodgers 14-1

A great night for a game under the lights and the action from players in both dugouts kept the capacity crowd engaged for the entire game !

The Reds were the designated home team at Dean Park 3 and rolled out their defense starting with Nate Duerdin pitching.  The Dodgers came out of the gate early as Tysan Dang hit an early pitch and made it to first base.  Nate slowed things down with 2 strikeouts and then made a nifty catch on a ball laced by Tyson Bolt to retire the side.  Anthony Giampapa started for the Dodgers and would save some arms by pitching a total of 50 pitches over two and half innings.  The Reds looked hot in “BP” pre-game and carried that forward into the bottom of the first inning by putting 10 batters up in the inning.  Anthony “Antman” Manolakos lead off with a double, followed by a single from Liam “Lightning” Lawlor (who had a large family contingent there and probably used up his allowance for player tickets for family in one night).  Owen “Sponge” Mongeon collected a RBI by hitting Antman home.  Three more runs scored as the Reds were patient at the plate via hits from Tony Quinones, Nate, Jackson Lee, Eli Dilone and Celso Cabrera.  The Dodgers ensured that was all by collecting all 3 outs at their dangerous corner - 3rd base. 

Nate provided another inning of scoreless ball via issuing 2 strikes and getting some nice defense on a line drive hit by Wesley Axline that would have gone for multiple bags.  The Big Red Machine was still humming in the bottom half of the second inning as top of the order players Anthony and Liam got on base.  Then Owen Mongeon hit them both home with line drive to right field for a Home Run. The Reds added one more to end the inning.  

In the third the Dodgers got on the board with a run thanks to a line drive by Tyson Dang who was then hit home by Chris D’Antilio who hit a triple.  Liam Lawlor then threw two strikeouts to end the top half of the 3rd.  In the botton half of the third the Reds put up 4 runs via a combination of some walks and some timely hits from Anthony, Liam and Owen.

Owen Mongeon started the 4th for the Reds and promptly issued 3 straight strikeouts to effectively retire the side.  The Reds stepped into the box facing Chris D’Antilio who was in for his second inning of work.  He only allowed 1 hit to Nate who then was able to score via some walks.  That was it for the Reds as Chris closed the door issuing 2 strikeouts in the inning.

With the clock ticking towards 9pm EST, the Dodgers put 4 batters to the plate and challenged closing pitcher “Antman”.  He helped himself out via catching a pop-up on the mound and issuing two K’s.

Good sports all around, the boys lined up and just shy of 9:00pm “highfived” and “dabbed” out.

Final Score Reds 14, Dodgers 1

Best wishes for a healthy, safe and enjoyable rest of the season to both teams !


Dodgers:Anthony Giampapa 50 pitches, Chris D’Antilio 50 pitches and 1 RBI, Tysan Dang 2 hits

Reds:Nate Duerden 2 innings, 4 K’s and 2 catches, Owen Mongeon 1 HR, 4 RBIs and 3 K’s, Anthony Manolakos 2 hits, 1 RBI and 2 K’s, Liam Lawlor 2 hits 2 K’s.