Marlins over Diamondbacks 10-0

Game Played on 5/24/2017 5:30 PM at Dean3
Results were reported on 5/25/2017 12:23 AM
GameID: 14387

Pitching for Marlins Pitching for Diamondbacks
NameAgePitch Count
Gianni Colonero1216
David Escobar1210
Dushyant Singh1139
NameAgePitch Count
Jack vanBeekom1272
Stephen Surabian117

The second place Marlins hosted the first place Dbacks on dean 3 on a beautiful Wednesday evening. The Marlins were hoping to get the much needed win after the Dbacks beat them just 6 days ago. A win would tie the Marlins and Dbacks atop the National Leauge division. The home team Marlins marched out Dushyant Singh (for 2 innings), Gianni Colonero (for 1 inning) and David Escobar (for 1 inning) on the mound who all pitched very well vs a deep and talented Dback line up. They recorded 9 of the 12 outs via the K. The Dbacks had limited pitching options but Jack Vanbeekom stepped up for coach Biscotti and faced the talented Marlins line up. He got a litlle relief help from Stephen Surabian but the Marlins proved to be a bit too much to handle this evening winning 10-0 in just shy of 4 innings. Good luck the the rest of the way and I'm sure both teams will be a tough out in the playoffs!!

Dback Highlights:
Michael O'Toole - 1B & the best hair in SLL
Dominic Biscotti - a deep 2B
John O'Leary - BB
Noah Johnston - HBP
The rest of the Dbacks all had great AB's

Marlins Highlights:
Kieren Ghidella - 1B
Kam Zaheer - 1B, 2B
Dushyant Singh - 2B
Gianni Colonero - HBP, 2-2B
David Escobar - 2-1B, Walk Off 2 run HR
Angel Rosso - 2-1B
Raunit Patel - 2-BB