Reds over Braves 11-8

Game Played on 5/24/2017 7:30 PM at Dean1
Results were reported on 5/25/2017 11:48 PM
GameID: 14396

Pitching for Reds Pitching for Braves
NameAgePitch Count
Michael Mitchell1130
Devin Endaz1272
Matthew Larkin1227
NameAgePitch Count
Owen Naber1140
Jack Kamin1140
Zaid Moghrabi1030
Kyle Daignault1228

For the second time this year the Braves squared off against the Reds Wednesday night.  The Reds sent Mike Mitchell to the mound to try to cool the hot bats of the Braves.  That seemed an impossible task when lead-off hitter Owen Naber roped a single followed by Jack Kamin who hit a monster drive to deep center for a HR.  Daignault and Pergola each followed that with a pair of singles and worked their way around the bases and across the plate.  Mitchell settled down and ended up with 3 Ks to end the inning.

Now it was the Reds turn facing Naber.  Line-drive Larkin worked a hard fought walk to start things off and found himself crossing the plate on Luke Reardon’s single.  Luke stole the next 2 bases and also crossed the plate later in the inning.  That was all they would get that inning however.  End of 1  Reds 2 / Braves 4

The Reds turned to Devin Endaz to try his hand at silencing the Braves lumber.  Endaz retires the side in 4 batters after another hard hit single by Naber.  The Reds half of the inning say 9 batters come to the plate and 5 Reds cross it after some patient ABs and some aggressive base-running before Jack Kamin retires the side with 2 Ks.  Reds 7 / Braves 4 thru 2.

The 3rd inning didn’t see much action but the Braves managed to push across another run.  The 4th inning however the Braves bats came alive again with a 2 out rally on 3-straight hits and 2 hard fought ABs for walks and 3 runs scored putting the Braves head 8-7.  The Reds half of the 4th lead off with a walk and then 2 strikes outs before Matt Larkin works a walk.  Reds on 1st and 2nd and Reardon steps up to the plate and ropes a single to right center scoring Papazian and Larkin to take the lead back.  Reardon tried to take 3rd on a passed ball but the cannon they replaced Naber’s right arm with gunned him down to end any threat of more runs.

The Braves went pretty quietly in the 5th facing Larkin who took over for Endaz aside from a screaming long line drive by Naber to center field that was hit right at Mikey Deangelis for the 3rd out.  A lead off walk by Endaz and Alex Kotsopoulos’ single gsve the Reds a couple of base runners who managed to work their way around the bases and across the plate for a couple insurance runs before the side was retired.

Reds sent Larkin back out in the 6th to try to close things out.  After Kamin had a lead-off single Matty struck out Daignault.  Pergola worked a walk and they Braves had runners at the corners looking to rally again.  Alex Kotsopoulos tracked down a foul ball for the 2nd out and Larkin finished the job for the Reds who take home their 2nd straight win.


Stars of the Game:

Braves – Jack Kamin – 3-4, 2-1B, 1-HR, 2-RS

Reds – Matt Larkin – 2-IP, 0-ER, 2-BB, 3-RS