Nationals over Mariners 3-2

Game Played on 5/27/2017 10:00 AM at Cool 3
Results were reported on 5/28/2017 12:45 PM
GameID: 14398

Pitching for Nationals Pitching for Mariners
NameAgePitch Count
Andrew Blanchette950
Patrick Babola845
Kieran Kelly943
NameAgePitch Count
Ian Taylor975
Desmond Nichols834
Ryan Moss94

Another blast of rain left us and it was a gorgeous late morning for a make-up game. The Mariners were visiting the the surging Nationals. Andrew Blanchette got the start for the Nationals against the Mariners big southpaw Ian Taylor.

In the top of the 1st Andrew would start it off with a K. After a walk to Desmond Nichols it was Ryan Moss with a nice fly to right. Teo Yilmaz made a great play getting to the ball and would hit his cutoff man who would get the force out on Desmond at second. Great play! It was followed by an Ian Taylor triple to right. (This would start what would be the Ian Taylor show for the majority of this ball game) Ryan tried to score on the play. Another almost perfect relay from Teo to Kieran Kelly to get Ryan at home but the ball skipped wide. Both players would score. 

In the bottom of the 1st Ian was ready. Ian was dealing, and Ian was efficient with his pitches as he got 2 k's and caught a  pop up right to him. 
2-0 Mariners after 1inn

Andrew would battle around a couple of walks to record 3 K's of his own in the top of the 2nd.
In the bottom of that inning it was all Ian as he blew down three straight Nationals on K's.
2-0 Mariners after 2inn

In the top of the 3rd it was Patrick Babola getting only his second action on the year. The rookie has been waiting his time to get the opportunity again. It has been tough with the Nat's deep staff but he was ready to show what he could do. He would quickly strikeout 2 and field a nice hit ground ball in between the mound and first base. Will Tonelli realizing his first baseman committed to the play made a great heads up move and got all the way to first cover the bag for the put out. 

In the Bottom of the 3rd it was more of the same. Three hitters up three hitters mowed down by Ian. 
2-0 Mariners after 3inn

In the top of the 4th Patrick kept his team in it with three straight k's of his own. 

In the bottom of the inning it was two hitters up and two hitters down by K's. It was starting to look bleak for these Nat's hitters. But then finally it was Andrew Blanchette cracking a nice hit to the third base side to break up the perfect game by Ian. It mattered not as Ian would get the next hitter on a pop up to end the inning.
2-0 Mariners after 4inn

In the top of the 5th the Nationals rode their hot pitcher for one more inning. Patrick delivered with 3 more k's!

In the bottom of the 5th the big lefty was trying to keep it going. He started with another K. Finally the first walk of the game got Christian Prizio on base. After a steal got him in scoring position it was Patrick that would have the opportunity to help on the offensive end and he delivered with a hit that drove in Christian. After a walk to Holden May the Mariners realizing they got what they could out of their ace turned to the pen. Desmond Nichols delivered with 2 k's to end the Nationals threat.
2-1 Mariners after 5inn

As they headed towards the final frame the Nationals, who are well accustomed to making their coaching staff and fans sweat out these nail biting one run games haha, always know they have a shot. They turned to their ever reliable closer Kieran Kelly to try and keep the game close. After a getting a K on the first hitter, it was Boden Kuhnel getting on by HBP. A walk to Desmond followed and a rally began. Ryan Moss delivered his second hit of the day to center. The Mariners sensing they needed the big insurance run waived Boden home on the play. In what might be the play of the game Max Caputo fired a laser from center to his cut off man Kieran. He quickly relayed it to his catcher Christian and made the tag on the sliding Mariner for the huge out! The Mariners still with two on sent Ian to the plate. He hit a nice fly towards the edge of the outfield at 2nd but Will Tonelli made the great catch to end the inning. Wow!

In the bottom of the 6th Teo Yimaz would get on by HBP. A walked to Kieran followed. Max Caputo would hit a hard shot towards 3rd base. The Mariners would field the ball and make a force out at 3rd. In an attempt to turn a double play, the throw to first sailed wide. Kieran with heads up running would come around to tie the game. Max would end up in scoring position at 2nd. Desmond dug down deep and would get a K to end the inn and keep it tied. Wow we knew this one just seemed headed for extras! Another game with that playoff feel. 
All tied at 2 after 6inn

In the top of the 7th the Nationals stayed with Kieran. A great catch by Max at short stop and a couple K's retired the side. 

In the bottom of the 7th The Nationals were going to keep swinging. Patrick again would get a hit. He would steal second to get himself into scoring position. Holden followed with a ground ball in between the mound and first. Desmond made a great play to get the runner at first. Patrick would advance to third. Desmond followed with a big K. The Mariners would then turn to Ryan Moss out of the pen. The next player would be the hero of the hour! George Combs the rookie 7yo who had already fouled off a couple nice grounders down the first base side on previous at bats this time snuck one in between the mound and first base. Ryan made a valiant effort getting to the hit and making the throw to first but George would just beat out the play as the runner scored from third! What game!
Nats win 3-2 in 7inn

Fantastic game all around! These tight games are keeping these kids so engaged and they are learning so so so much so fast because of them. Good luck to both teams as they position themselves for the playoffs!

Game Highlights:
Patrick Babola 2-3 (1 run. 1 RBI) 3 inn pitched no runs, 8 K's
Andrew Blanchette 1-3 (with the hit that broke up the no hitter) 2inn pitched 4 K's
George Combs 1-3 (game winning hit!) 1 RBI
Max Caputo (game saving play on throw from Center!)

Ian Taylor 1-3 (triple, 2 RBI, 1 run) 4+ inn pitched 10k's 1 run allowed
Ryan Moss 2-3 (2 singles)
Boden Kuhnel ,EJ Miller, and Owen Gulcher all reached base twice.