Reds over Angels 2-1

Game Played on 5/30/2017 5:30 PM at Edgemere
Results were reported on 5/31/2017 9:07 PM
GameID: 14408

Pitching for Reds Pitching for Angels
NameAgePitch Count
Devin Endaz1265
Michael Mitchell1135
NameAgePitch Count
Benjamin Griffith1255
Connor Mudd920

In the much anticipated match-up between the Reds and the Angels on Tuesday night at Edgemere the fans got exactly what they came to see.  A dominant pitching match-up on both sides of the diamond. Devin Endaz took the ball for the Reds and struck out the first 2 batters.  Then Ben Griffith came to the plate and laced a double into right field.  With some aggressive base running ends up coming around to score to put a run on the board early for the Halos.

Ben Griffith then took the mound for the Angels and made it look easy retiring 9 batters in a row in the first 3 innings.  Devin matched him and aside from 1 walk retired the Angels in a row until Griffith came up again in the 4th.  Ben ropes a single but is stranded when Endaz Ks the next batter.

Griffith still cruising for the Angels Ks the first 2 batters in the 4th and Endaz comes to the plate looking to start things off for the Reds.  Devin ropes a double to left and the Big Red Machine are in business.  At least that's what they thought.  Griffith strikes out the next batter to end any threat.

Now pitching for the Reds, Mike Mitchell retires the side in a row on 13 pitches.  Connor Mudd takes the hill for the Angels and hot hitting Chase Collins welcomes him to the game with a double and takes 3rd on a passed ball.  In a wild AB Mike Mitchell grounds out to Mudd but amid some confusion Collins ends up crossing the plate to tie the game.  Now up Adam Boulay who some experience with lefties, ropes a double to left center with some aggressive base-running.  Is moved over with the next batter Duncan Hastings and then crosses the plate on a passed ball for the go ahead run.

Mike Mitchell silences the Angels bats for the W in a quick 65 minute game.


Angels - Ben Griffith - 4-IP, 0-ER, 10-Ks, 2-2 2B & 1B (only 2 hits given up by Endaz and Mitchell)

Reds - Devin Ends - 3.2 IP, 1-ER, 10-Ks, 1-2 2B
    Adam Boulay - 1-2, 2B, Game winning Run