Braves over Diamondbacks 13-10

Game Played on 6/2/2017 7:30 PM at Dean1
Results were reported on 6/3/2017 8:06 AM
GameID: 14430

Pitching for Braves Pitching for Diamondbacks
NameAgePitch Count
Jack Kamin1161
Colby Belanger122
Owen Naber1140
NameAgePitch Count
Matthew Montoya1261
Dominic Biscotti1150

     First and foremost, Colby Belanger, who was hit by a hard line drive come backer to the mound, does have a broken nose, but fortunately no other broken bones, although a bit beaten up. That is a tough thing for all to see and for Colby to endure, so  I figured everyone would like to know he is going to be OK----He is a tough kid and will be back soon.

     The Braves outlasted the hard hitting Diamondbacks at Dean 1 on Friday evening with a game featuring 23 hits.-Noah Basgaard hit a towering 3rd inning home run for the Diamondbacks, while Jack Kamin and Kyle Daignault went back to back with Solo home runs in the Braves half of the inning. Kyle went on to hit a grand slam in the 4 th that is still in orbit!



Jack Vanbeekom  2-2 2 RS

Anthony Biscotti  2-3 2 RS

Noah Basgaard   3-3 2 RS- 2 Run home run

Dan Reilly  3-3

Dominic Biscotti  1-3

Stephen Surabian  3-3



Jack Kamin 2-3 2 RS -Solo home run

Kyle Daignault 2-4 2 RS -Solo HR and Grand Slam!

Sam Pergola 1-3

Patrick Hastings 2-3

Chase Marsh 1-2

Jake Kiefer  1-2 2 RS

Arnav Mishra 1-2 HBP 2 RS

 Playoffs are soon--Good luck to both teams!