BayCoast Mortgage over Dick's Sporting Goods 10-8

Game Played on 6/4/2017 12:00 PM at Maple
Results were reported on 6/4/2017 4:22 PM
GameID: 14439

Pitching for BayCoast Mortgage Pitching for Dick's Sporting Goods
NameAgePitch Count
Elizabeth Pellini1250
Zofia Sargent1275
NameAgePitch Count
Lindsey Kotsopoulos1129
Kate Hitchcock1257
Madison Thibeault1230

Another great game with Dick's coming up just short of the win this time around.  The margin of difference for all three games played between these teams this season is only 3 runs. 

Here come the playoffs.  Could it be Dick's vs. BayCoast or will another contender step up to take the title of Majors Champ?