Reds over Mariners 8-0

Game Played on 6/3/2017 7:00 PM at Dean 1
Results were reported on 6/4/2017 11:11 PM
GameID: 14451

Pitching for Reds Pitching for Mariners
NameAgePitch Count
Liam Lawlor962
Anthony Manolakos833
NameAgePitch Count
Ian Taylor967
Ryan Moss948

Game Reported Reds over Mariners 8-0

On a beautiful Saturday night, the Mariners visited the Reds for an inter-league primetime tilt!  Fans were treated to some good pitching and some power hitting!

The Visiting Mariners sent 5 batters to the plate including Ian Taylor of the Mariners who made sure the tape measure was handy as he managed to lace a long ball to right field.  However, the Reds’ Liam “Lightning” Lawlor kept them off the board as he dealed 2K’s and caught one hit to him.  The Reds managed to put up 3 runs in the bottom half of the first as Anthony “Antman” Manolakos and Liam came around to score on an Owen “Sponge” Mungeon double.  Owen then scored on a walk as the Reds continued their patience at the plate.  

Liam came out for the second inning and issued 3 strikeouts!  Mariners pitcher Ian not to be outdone, issued 2K’s of his own and his team defense ensured a ball hit by “Antman” was promptly caught.

The 3rd inning “Lightning” hit his groove where he issued 2 more K’s and once again caught a ball this time sizzled his way by EJ Tesiero-Miller.  For the Reds, “Sponge” added to his season totals for HR’s by hitting a solo shot to deep right field and managed to beat the throw home for an in-the-park score.

Liam started the 4th and issued 2 K’s to end his night at the mound.  “Antman” took over and though his third pitch was swatted by Ian for what would be his second hit, “Sponge” saved the top of the inning for the Reds with a catch.  Though Tony Quinones would single in the bottom of the 4th, new Mariners pitcher Ryan Moss shut the door on the next Reds batters.

Josh Moody got things started for the Mariners in the top of the 5th with a single, but “Antman” reached back and ensured he was all by himself as he caught the next pitch hit to him then put down the next two batters via the K!  The Reds added 4 more runs in the bottom of the inning by way of scores from Colin Duffy and “Antman” scoring on a “Sponge” double and then Nate Duerden singling home Liam and Owen.

Top of the 6th had “Antman” finishing strong as he issued two more K’s and deftly tossed a fielded ball to first base for an out.  Final Score Reds 8, Mariners 0

A great game on a great weather night. Best wishes for a healthy, safe and enjoyable rest of the season to both teams.

Mariners:Ian Taylor 67 pitches, 5 strikeout, 1 deep drive, Ryan Moss 48 pitches 4 strikeouts
Reds:Liam Lawlor 3 2/3 innings of shut-out work 9K’s, 2 runs scored. Anthony Manolakos 2 singles, 2 runs scored, and pitched 2 and 1/3 innings of shut out work.  Owen Mongeon 1 solo HR, 2 doubles, 5 RBI’s.