Tigers over Indians 25-10

Game Played on 6/8/2017 5:30 PM at Edgemere
Results were reported on 6/8/2017 10:21 PM
GameID: 14478

Pitching for Tigers Pitching for Indians
NameAgePitch Count
Carter Marques1185
Scott Hanam1220
NameAgePitch Count
Will Arsenault1251
Jack Dufault1163
Nicholas Berg1247

The long awaited match-up between 2 American League rivals finally took place.  The Tigers and Indians squared off in a home-and-home series tonight on Edgemere field and the 2 teams battled it out as they attempt to finish out the regular season and prepare for the playoffs ahead.

The Tigers were on a 5 game skid but had the Tribe's number tonight.  Good luck to both teams on their remaining games this season and their upcoming playoff games!

Indian's Highlights:
- Logan Miller:  BB, RS
- Chase Orciuch:  2 BB, RS
- Will Arsenault:  BB, 2B, 2 RS
- Dylan Fuller:  2 1B, 2 RS
- Nicholas Berg:  2 BB, RS
- Jack Dufault:  1 3B, RS
- Josh Saaco:  HBP, 1B, 2 RS
- Ryan Kinsky:  BB, 1B

Tiger's Highlights:
- Ryan Iagallo:  3 BB, 4 RS
- Brian Kerekon:  3BB, 1B, 4 RS
- Scott Hanam:  BB, 1B, 2 RS
- Luke Gallo:  2 BB, 1B, 2B, 3 RS
- Carter Marques:  3 BB, HBP, RS
- Dylan Fanale:  3 BB, 2 RS
- Sam Bachini: 1B, 3 RS
- Jax Roderick:  2 1B, RS
- Noah Garvin:  2 BB, 2 RS
- Kam Duprey:  HBP, 2 1B, 3RS