Daniels Insurance Agency over Forgues Eyecare 2-1

Game Played on 5/1/2018 6:00 PM at Dean Field #2
Results were reported on 5/3/2018 12:28 PM
GameID: 14517

Pitching for Daniels Insurance Agency Pitching for Forgues Eyecare
NameAgePitch Count
Emma Olson91
Addison O'Connor91
Erin Boulay91
Fallon Marsh111
NameAgePitch Count
Emma McNally101
Aaesha Mahurkar101
Phoebe Forgues92

A great opener Tuesday night where the Daniels Insurance Hornets fought off the Forgues Eyecare team for the W in the season opener for both teams.  This game could have gone either way and was well played on both sides.

Highlights of the Game:

Forgues Eyecare
Stella Colonero - 2-2, 2 stolen bases, 1 run scored
Emma McNally - 1 inning pitched, 2 great catches on the mound!!

Daniels Insurance Hornets
Fallon Marsh - 2-2, 1 inning pitched, game winning RBI
Addison O'Connor - 2-2, 1 stolen base, 1 inning pitched
Erin Boulay - 1-2, 1 run scored, 1 inning pitched, great catch at first in the 4th!!

Good luck to both teams the rest of the season.