Salmon Health over DVX 13-10

Game Played on 5/8/2018 6:00 PM at Maple
Results were reported on 5/8/2018 8:38 PM
GameID: 14555

Pitching for Salmon Health Pitching for DVX
NameAgePitch Count
Kylie MacDonald123
Kyra Shustak123
NameAgePitch Count
Riley Flynn122
Riley Flynn121
Kasey Foote111
Madison Harper122

Salmon overcame a 5 run deficit  to beat DVX which played the best defense I've seen as they recorded 12 outs in the field including a great play at SS from Savannah Cronin.   Salmon was lead offensively by Kyra Shustak and Sofia Colonero.  Kyra Shustak and Kylie MacDonald  pitched a solid 6 innings in a game against a very solid team