Red Sox over Cardinals 9-1

Game Played on 5/13/2018 11:00 AM at Cool 3
Results were reported on 5/15/2018 8:31 AM
GameID: 16579

Pitching for Red Sox Pitching for Cardinals
NameAgePitch Count
Brendan Dowd975
Khwaja Hussain833
NameAgePitch Count
Kyle Dodge973
Kyle Dodge933

The sun came out this past Sunday, Mother's Day to be exact, and the coaches, players, and parents/fans were treated to a GREAT baseball game. The score was 9-1 win for the Red Sox but that does not tell the story of how close the game was. It was a great game and was great to see how hard all the kids played from top to the bottom of both line-ups. The teams played into the fifth inning in a pitchers battle.

Brendan Dowd started for the Red Sox and Eric Hamelin for the Cards. Both 9 year olds were ready for battle and pitched tremendously for their entire stay. Dowd was electric for the Red Sox, pitching out of jams in the second and third with strikeouts in key moments. Dowd found his groove as he went on and settled nicely with two innings striking out the side with runners in scoring position. As Dowd finished his work and pitching switch was made the umpire commented, "wow, he got better and stronger as he went on" which was a great observation. The Red Sox coaches joked that while it was actually officially Mother's Day, technically for coach Matt Dowd, it was an early Father's Day gift to watch such a great pitching performance. Brendan left the game with a 4-0 lead in the top of the fourth. Eric Hamelin was equally brilliant pitching through four innings as well. The umpire should pay us for getting this great game with very few walks on both sides. Eric stayed strong and pitched very well as he did last year and also all through Sparklers All-Stars last year, we Red Sox coaches knew he would be great and he was. The Red Sox were able to chip away for four runs over the four innings with a big rally in the third sparked by a great infield hit by Ryan Aloisi legging it out to first and some great at bats by Nathan Brodeur, Cam Moore, William Goh, Daniel Barrientos and Tyler Galdi to set up slugger Rylen Moore for one of the more dramatic events of the day where Rylen ripped a homerun (to the pitchers mound :) ) and legged around the bases with reckless abandon and was mobbed by players and coaches as he crossed home on a close play at the plate. Happy Mother's Day mom!!! Eric's pitching was great and he handed the ball to the bullpen. Danile Glarza, Brendan Dowd, Khwaja Hussain all continued the hitting into the fourth with a 5 run inning to make the score 9-0.

With a solid lead the Red Sox gave the ball to Khwaja Hussain, affectionately know by his teammates as K-Bomb, who pitched also tremendously well to finish for the Red Sox, but the Cards were not done. Still battling until the end, Jacob Carter ripped a fastball to right center field and legged out a beautiful homerun, not to be outdone by his hockey teammate Rylen Moore. The Cards energy level rocketed up and luckily K-Bomb stayed steady and pitched the Sox to the victory.

Great game overall and tremendous Mother's Day outing for all players, coaches and parents. On to the next one for both teams!