Forgues Eyecare over Civic Kitchen & Drink 4-3

Game Played on 5/16/2018 6:00 PM at Dean Field #2
Results were reported on 5/17/2018 10:04 AM
GameID: 16588

Pitching for Forgues Eyecare Pitching for Civic Kitchen & Drink
NameAgePitch Count
Stella Colonero101
Aaesha Mahurkar103
NameAgePitch Count
Varsha Swaminathan112
Nina Kvaracein101
Grace Costa101

What a fun game! After some nice work by the coaches to fix the puddle at home plate, the home team got off to a great start scoring 3 in the first. The visitors didn't get any runs in till the top of the 4th inning and made it a 4-3 game. It came down to the bottom of the 4th with a runner in scoring position for the home team. The visitors got the final out with a spectacular 1-3 play and saved the game.