Cardinals over Reds 13-4

Game Played on 5/22/2018 5:30 PM at Cool 1
Results were reported on 5/22/2018 9:09 PM
GameID: 16636

Pitching for Cardinals Pitching for Reds
NameAgePitch Count
Parker Kauffman865
Kyle Dodge921
NameAgePitch Count
Conor Hallinan743
Sean Renaghan741
Jackson Lee843

It was a rainy, dreary night for some baseball but we managed to avoid another weather related make-up game!  The Cardinals were the home team with Parker Kauffman pitching two strong innings and only giving up one run.  CJ Hallinan was the starting pitcher for the Reds, followed by Sean Renaghan, and Jackson Lee.  The Cardinals were strong at the plate, with Larry Pratte, Kyle Dodge, Tyler Jordan, Eric Hamelin, Parker Kauffman, Jacob Karter, and Brian Blakely all scoring.  The highlight of the night came from the Reds player Nate Duerden hitting a bomb deep into left field, clearing the bench and getting everybody on their feet!  The Cardinals Kyle Dodge took the mound for the final inning, closing out the game in their favor, Cardinals 13 and Reds 4.