Royals over Red Sox 14-4

Game Played on 5/24/2018 5:30 PM at Cool 3
Results were reported on 5/24/2018 10:37 PM
GameID: 16654

Pitching for Royals Pitching for Red Sox
NameAgePitch Count
Jackson Mitchell975
Ashton Glynn850
Brady O'Connell814
NameAgePitch Count
Nathan Brodeur868
Rylen Moore748

It was a nice Spring evening on Thursday where the Royals were hosting the Red Sox on Coolidge 3.  The top of the order for the Red Sox were patient at the plate with Tyler Galdi, Nathan Brodeur, Rylen Moore and Daniel Galarza loading the bases and plating the first run of the game.  Jackson Mitchell settled down to strike out the next two batters then Ryan Aloisi hit a single to score Brodeur with a close play at the plate.  Mitchell struck out the next batter leaving the bases loaded.  Brodeur took the mound for the Sox and the Royals answered with a single from TJ Hutt, hit by pitch for Jackson Mitchell, single by Brady O'Connell, a walk by Ashton Glynn, a single by Max Mitchell, a walk by Eli Gray and a single by Jimmy Broderick.  In between the Royals four runs, Brodeur struck out the side. 
End of 1:  Red Sox 2, Royals 4

Mitchell came out in the top of the second to strike out the first two batters, then Tyler Galdi and Nathan Brodeur were on base again with a walk and a single.  Mitchell was able to strike out the next batter to get out of the inning.  The Royals came out swinging with Hayden Law sending a hard hit to the outfield where he managed to round all of the bases and score. Jacob Harrington, TJ Hutt, Jackson Mitchell, Brady O'Connell, Ashton Glynn and Max Mitchell all reached on hits or walks to plate four more runs.
End of 2:  Red Sox 2, Royals 9

Top of the third and Mitchell got a quick strike out before hitting Cameron Moore with a pitch and walking Daniel Barrientos.  Mitchell recorded one more strike out before Ashton Glynn came on in relief.  He walked Harry Walther, William Goh and Charlie Weigold, plating two runs before striking out the last batter of the inning.  Nathan Brodeur struck out the side in the bottom of the third.
End of 3:  Red Sox 4, Royals 9

Ashton Glynn was back on the mound for the top of the 4th where he walked the bases loaded around two strikeouts.  Ashton made a nice play in the field to record the final out getting out of the jam. Rylen Moore was on the hill for the Sox when Brayden Balian led the charge for the Royals starting with a walk.  Hayden Law, Jacob Harrington, TJ Hutt, Brady O'Connell, Max Mitchell, Wesley Tuttle, and Eli Gray all showed patience at the plate scoring 5 runs.
End of 4:  Red Sox 4, Royals 14

The Red Sox were hoping for a big inning in the fifth, but closer Brady O'Connell had other ideas striking out the side on 14 pitches. 
Final:  Red Sox 4, Royals 14

Good luck to both teams for the rest of the season.