Mets over Rangers 11-3

Game Played on 5/24/2018 5:30 PM at Dean1
Results were reported on 5/24/2018 11:05 PM
GameID: 16655

Pitching for Mets Pitching for Rangers
NameAgePitch Count
Justin Lee967
Christopher D'Antilio924
NameAgePitch Count
Owen Parry-Cruwys1069
Brandon Curtis939
Ryan White1010

The Mets hosted the Rangers for a clash of two very talented teams.  The Mets came out on top 11-3.

The Rangers sent Owen Parry-Cruwys, Brandon Curtis, and Ryan White to the mound.  They showed a lot of perseverance against a stubborn Mets lineup.  As a pitching staff they struck out 8 Mets batters.  Justin Lee took the ball for the Mets and he did not disappoint.  The southpaw hurled 4+ innings and had 12 strikeouts, struck out the side 3 times!, allowed 2BB, and one hit - to top it off Justin helped his own cause at the plate and hit a rocket to right for a solo HR in the 3rd inning.  Chris D'Antilio closed out the win for the Mets in the final frame with a strikeout.  

Aggressive base running from both teams kept each team on high alert as they played defense.  Catchers Sam Cunniffe of the Rangers and Eddie Aloupis of the Mets helped their teams by each throwing out runners trying to steal second base. 

Offensively the Rangers were led by:

Ben Guglietta 1-2 single, 2 RBI
Owen Parry-Cruwys 1-2 single and run scored
Ryan White 1-2 single and run scored
Kieran Kelly 1-2 single 
Sam Cunniffe 2BB and run scored
Vin Gauthier reached base

Offensively the Mets were led by:

Justin Lee 1-1 HR, RBI, BB, HBP, and 2 runs scored
Jake Record 1-2 single, BB, 2 RBI, and run scored
Chris D'Antilio 1-2 single, BB, RBI, and run scored
Eddie Aloupis 3BB and 2 runs scored
Anthony G man Giampapa 1-3 single and run scored
Antman Manolakos 1-2 single, BB, and run scored
Tom Mendoza 1-1 single, BB, and 2 runs scored
Jadon JD Dumont on base 3 times and scored a run
Angad A Train Pannu 1-2, single and BB

Both teams are loaded with talent.  They are both looking forward to playing each other next Tuesday night!