Mets over Rangers 10-7

Game Played on 5/29/2018 5:30 PM at Dean3
Results were reported on 5/29/2018 11:33 PM
GameID: 16670

Pitching for Mets Pitching for Rangers
NameAgePitch Count
Justin Lee1030
Angad Pannu1065
Anthony Giampapa1029
NameAgePitch Count
Ryan White1029
Owen Parry-Cruwys1035
Kieran Kelly1013
Vincent Gauthier1015

Starting game time temperature was 85 degrees with a lot of humidity.  The Mets and Rangers were playing each other for their second game in a row while they battled through very difficult playing conditions.  The Mets came out on top 10-7.

The Rangers sent out Ryan White, Owen Parry-Cruwys, Kieran Kelly, and Vin Gauthier.  They gave everything they had tonight and collected 10 strikeouts and had many pitch counts in their favor.

The Mets countered with Justin Lee, Angad "A Train" Pannu (long relief duty), and closing out the final inning was the "G Man" Anthony Giampapa.  The pitching trio for the Mets struck out 10 Rangers batters.

The Rangers and Mets flashed some nice leather around tonight - Rangers Catcher Ryan White made a nice tag at the plate saving a run for his team.  Some very nice heads up plays with runners in scoring position and backing up bases was seen throughout the game by both teams.

Offensively the Rangers had contributions from:

Kieran Kelly 2-3, 2 doubles, RBI, and 2 runs scored
Ben Guglietta 2-3, single, double, and 2 RBI
Owen Parry-Cruwys 1-1, single, 2BB, RBI, and 2 runs scored
Brayden Crandall 2-3, 2 singles and 2 runs scored
Tim Pratt 1-1, single, BB, and HBP
Vin Gauthier 2BB

Offensively the Mets were led by:

Eddie Aloupis 1-1, single, RBI, 2BB, and 3 runs scored
G Man Giampapa 1-1, single, 2BB, and 3 runs scored
Justin Lee 1-1, single, RBI, 2BB, and 1 run scored
Brendan Lyonnais 1-2, single, RBI, BB, and 1 run scored
A Train Pannu 2BB
Jadon Dumont scored a run
Colin Duffy scored a run

Best of luck the rest of the season!