Red Sox over Rangers 4-3

Game Played on 5/10/2018 5:30 PM at Dean3
Results were reported on 5/31/2018 11:58 PM
GameID: 16687

Pitching for Red Sox Pitching for Rangers
NameAgePitch Count
Ian Taylor1030
NameAgePitch Count
Owen Parry-Cruwys1014
Kieran Kelly108

The conclusion to the continuation for the Red Sox and Rangers was a tight nerve racked game from start to finish. A 9 inn full major league game in all! What a back and forth battle. Great pitching and defense in this one. 

Jack Wharton started the original game against Sam Cunniffe. Jack got the side on the 3 k’s in the 1st and was equally matched by Sam with 2 k’s and a ground out 

End of 1st 0-0 

The Rangers would strike for 2 in the 2nd on hits from Ryan White and Ben Guglietta and a walk to Kieran Kelly. Jack settled down for 3 more k’s. The Sox would get 2 right back on walks to Krew Duprey and Andrew Blanchette and they would be driven home on a Dylan Coran single. 

End of 2nd 2-2 

Krew Duprey got the call next for the Red Sox and he would quickly strike out the side. The Sox would get another in the bottom half of that inning on an RBI single from Ian Taylor. 

End of 3rd Red Sox 3-2 

In the top of the 4th hits from Owen Parry-Cruwys and Ryan White would bring in Sam Cunniffe to tie the game. Brandon Curtis would get 3 K’s in the bottom half to keep it tied. 

End of 4th 3-3 

Max Caputo came in to neutralize the Rangers bats in the 5th on 2 K’s. and in the bottom half Brandon Curtis would end his day on the mound with 3 more k’s. 

End of 5th 3-3 

In the top of the Sixth the Sox would turn to Ian Taylor who promptly struck out the side to give the Sox a chance for the walk off win their last at bat. (Who knew at that moment we wouldn’t even be close lol) Jack Wharton started things off with a 1 out hit. He would steal 2nd and be sacrificed over to 3rd by Ian. Then Kieran Kelly made a huge back hand and put out at 1st on a Krew Duprey drive that saved the game and ended the inn! 

End of 6th 3-3 

In the 7th Kieran kept the momentum going with a lead off single and a stolen base to 2nd. Ian would settle in and strike out 3 to end the threat. The bottom half of that inn remained uneventful as Owen mowed down three Sox hitters to force another inn and the game was called due to lateness as the kids needed to do their homework before bed ?? 

End of 7th 3-3 

In the continuation the Sox stayed with their ace Ian and the Rangers stayed with Owen. Ian would strike out 2 and field a nice ground ball and throw the force out to 2nd. In the bottom of the 8th two well fielded balls by Brandon Curtis at SS for outs at 2nd kept the Sox off the board. 

End of 8th 3-3 

In the 9th things got exciting. Brandon Curtis would lead it off with a nice double down the left field line. He was kept from a triple on a nice play by Ben Chamberlain to track it down and get it in quickly. He would be sacrificed over to 3rd by Sam. Ian would get a huge K followed by the defensive play of this game as Ryan white ripped a grounder to third that Max Caputo fielded and made the throw all the way across the diamond for the 3rd out! In the Sox final at bat Zak Salovardos got it going with a leadoff single and would advance to 3rd on the overthrow. Jack Wharton then finally sent everyone home with the walk off single. 

Final Red Sox win 4-3

Wow what a fun game to coach! These are the ones that make you proud to be one. Good luck to everyone the rest of the season!

Game Notes:
Red Sox 
Ian Taylor 4inn (W, No runs, 9K's)
Krew Duprey 2 inn (5K's)
Jack Wharton 2-3 (Game winning hit)
Dylan Coran 1-2 (2 RBI)

Owen Parry-Cruwys 4 inn (No runs, 10k's)
Kieran Kelly 1-3 (BB, 1 Run)
Brandon Curtis 2 inn (5k's) and a nice double in the 9th
Ryan White 2-3 (1 Run, 1 RBI)