Flaherty Physical Therapy over Arpino Construction 9-1

Game Played on 5/31/2018 6:00 PM at Dean Field #2
Results were reported on 6/1/2018 9:47 AM
GameID: 16690

Pitching for Flaherty Physical Therapy Pitching for Arpino Construction
NameAgePitch Count
Ava Nelson102
Anika Karre102
NameAgePitch Count
Lana Merolle102
Maria Campaniello92

Hot night with the sun in our eyes, and the girls continue to play marvelous!!! Navy Narwhals was the home team tonight, meaning we defended first, and the Orange Crush was first to bat. The first 6 batters for the Orange Crush were going to give us a run for our money, but the first hit by Sabrina (Orange Crush) was hit towards our second baseman, Lauren F. who fielded the ball to first baseman Anika K. who made the out. This momentum continued when Bella DePeter Martin on third base fielded and made the throw to first for the second out. We started to sweat a little bit with batter Gianna at the plate when she hit the only double for the night. Great job, Gianna! Games are won with a great defense. Or, so we teach the girls. Bella DePeter Martin would show us this is fact when she made the unassisted third out when she fielded the ball and tagged the base with a runner advancing towards "her plate". Let me say that Bella is a first year softball player who is showing great advancement. We are proud of you, Bella! Narwhals up to bat....top of the order... Bella, Claire, Ava and Anika. All I have to say is 1 run, 2 run, 3 run, 4. RBI's by Ava, Anika, Chloe and Aline. One out, but 4 runs scored. Moving on.... Third inning, the Orange Crush first baseman made an awesome throw to their third baseman, getting our runner out at the base, along with a great out from third to the plate. It's great to see players advancing in play as the season progresses. This is why we coach! Final Score: Narwhals 9/1 Game highlights: Times at Bat: Narwhals:26 OC: 21 RBI's: Narwhals: Anika: 1 Ava: 2 Chloe: 2 Aline: 2 Bella: 1 Cassidy: 1 OC: Sabrina I also want to make a shout out to "Special Teams" so to speak. that's out pitchers and catchers. I don't know all the girls names on the OC, but you are doing a great job!!! On my team, Ava, Anika, Claire and our catcher who is fantastic and let's nothing past her, Chloe...Keep practicing and you will go far!!!!