Reds over Nationals 7-4

Game Played on 5/31/2018 5:30 PM at Cool 1
Results were reported on 6/1/2018 11:15 AM
GameID: 16691

Pitching for Reds Pitching for Nationals
NameAgePitch Count
Leonidas Jonason958
Joseph Valutkevich844
NameAgePitch Count
Joshua Curtis841
Brendan Pimental917
Logan DiPilato940

A Thursday night National League game which appeared to be a mismatch on paper had the first place Nationals visiting the fourth place Reds.  4 ½ games separated the front running Nat’s from the young and gritty Reds.  The Reds were looking to end a three-game skid and the Nationals were looking to add to their four-game win streak.  The result shows why games aren’t played on paper. 

Top of First Inning:
 The Nationals got on the board quickly when Rishi Prasad scored after leading off with a walk.  He was moved to second on a fielder’s choice by Patrick Babola and came home after walks issued to Cam Espino, Josh Curtis and Benji Rotunno.  Reds pitcher Oliver Jonason ended the early rally with a based loaded strike out. 

 Nat’s 1-0.  

 Bottom of First Inning:
 Two quick outs were made by the slick fielding Nationals on an unassisted grounder to first by Jackson Porter and a pop out to third by Zander Campo.  Joey Valutkevich had a single and following a walk by Nate Duerden, Nat’s pitcher Josh Curtis got out of the jam when another unassisted out was made at third base. 

 Nat’s 1-0.  

 Top of Second Inning: 
 Two quick strike outs by Reds pitcher Oliver Jonason were followed by another Nat’s rally.  Declan Carroll got things started with a walk and then stole second.  Brendan Pimental reached on an error.  Rishi Prasad reached base again after being hit by a pitch.  Patrick Babola then knocked in two with a single.  Following a walk issued to Cam Espino, Oliver Jonason once again slammed the door on the Nat’s with a big strike out of the Nat’s clean-up hitter with the bases juiced. 

 Nat’s 3-0.  

 Bottom of Second Inning:
 Sean Renaghan led things off for the Reds with a walk then stole second.  CJ Hallinan knocked in Renaghan with a base hit following some aggressive base running by the fleet footed Renaghan.  Brayden Kulchy walked and Nick Winchester followed with an RBI single to knock in Hallinan.  Tony Quinones and Matthew Mastrogiovanni earned base on balls and Brady Miller was hit by a pitch to push three more runs across for the Reds.  Reds 5-3.   

 Top of Third Inning:
Joey Valutkevich took over on the mound for the Reds in the third.  He struck out the side with 14 pitches. 

 Reds 5-3  

 Bottom of Third Inning: 
 Following a leadoff walk earned by Joey Valutkevich and a theft of second, Sean Renaghan earned a base on balls.  Logan Dipalato got out of a jam by striking out two Reds and getting another out on a grounder to first. 

Reds 5-3  

 Top of Fourth Inning: 

Valutkevich was back on the mound for the Reds and tip toed out of trouble following a base hit by Sean Mitsis and an error in the field by the Reds, by striking out two and getting a great play at second from Brady Miller to keep the Nat’s at bay. 

 Reds 5-3  

 Bottom of Fourth Inning: 
 Nick “Iron Jaw” Winchester proved it’s not the size of the dog in the fight, but the size of the fight in the dog when he literally took one on the chin for the Reds after being hit by a pitch.  He remained in the game, stole second and came around to score following an RBI single delivering two from Matthew Mastrogiovanni.  Jackson Lee scored as well on Mastro’s single following a walk.  Logan Dipiloto extinguished the Reds rally by striking out three in the inning. 

 Reds 7-3

 Top of Fifth Inning: 
 Facing the heart of the Nationals order in the fifth inning Joey Valutkevich started things off by getting some defensive help from Sean Renaghan at second base.  Renaghan beat Patrick Babola to the bag at first following Babola’s grounder to second to record the first out of the inning.  Valutkevich then struck out the dangerous Cam Espino to prevent Espino from reaching base for the third time in the game.    Cleanup hitter Logan Dipilato singled and Josh Curtis drove him home with a double to right.  Valutkevich settled down and retired the final Nationals batter with another strike out. 

 Final score: Reds 7-4

 Games Notes:

  -This was only the second time all season that the Reds completed a game using two pitchers.  Great performances by Jonason and Valutkevich combining to strike out 12. 

 -Reds rookies scored five of the seven runs (Renaghan, Winchester (2), Kulchy, Hallinan) and the rookies had three of the four hits (Hallinan, Mastrogiovanni, Winchester).

 -Instructional League superstar Ryan Hallinan was spotted front row among the rabid Reds fans enjoying a cold beverage and some Doritos.