Padres over Dodgers 15-2

Game Played on 5/30/2018 5:30 PM at Cool 1
Results were reported on 6/1/2018 1:52 PM
GameID: 16692

Pitching for Padres Pitching for Dodgers
NameAgePitch Count
Angelo McNamara852
Connor Bouffard848
NameAgePitch Count
Christopher McLaughlin846
Wesley Axline832
Kameron Koulisis820

Wednesday Night National League Rivalry Matchup Between the Dodgers and the Padres.  

Chris McLaughlin paced the Dodgers attack with two smash doubles down the third base line and pitched very well in his three innings of work striking out three batters.  Tyler Bolt, Christian Cardinale, Brayden Sullivan, and Kam Koulisis would also contribute with hard hits for the Dodgers throughout the game.  Tyler Bolt and Kam Koulisis both also pitched admirably for the Dodgers in the later innings.  

For the Padres, Angelo McNamara, would be the star of the game, as he had three hits to go along with five strikeouts and two put-outs, while starting the game for the Padres.  Angelo was simply Glavine-esque on the mound!  Connor Bouffard in only his second appearance this season was also strong on the mound in relief giving up just one run in two innings!  

“Cowboy” James Flanagan led the Padres offense with three hits and two RBIs while “BlackJack” Costa had two hits and Zavonte Walker and Louis Rossetti each contributed with RBI singles as well.

A great game by both teams.