Astros over Royals 15-0

Game Played on 4/26/2018 5:30 PM at Cool 1
Results were reported on 6/2/2018 12:47 PM
GameID: 16698

Pitching for Astros Pitching for Royals
NameAgePitch Count
Brayden Mahoney941
Timothy Donohoe921
NameAgePitch Count
Jackson Mitchell975
Jacob Harrington750
Hayden Law86

In a game originally scheduled for April 26th, the Astros visited the Royals Friday night for a good old fashion American league battle.

The Royals took the field first behind veteran Jackson Mitchell. Jackson pitched well but the Astros hitters continually worked the count. A two-run single by Brayden Mahoney was the lightning rod behind a 5 run first. In the bottom half of the inning Brayden would take the mound for the Astros. Jacob Harrington would lead things off with a single and Brady O’Connell would also get a hit, but a key 7-3 put out on a solid hit by Jackson was the difference in helping keep the Royals off the board. End of One: Astros 5 …Royals 0

In the second the story remained the same. Jackson pitched well adding two more K’s to his total but the disciplined hitting of the Astros and a hit by Parker Mulryan was the difference. Bradyen would settle in on the mound in the second retiring three of the four batters he faced all by way of the K. End of Two: Astros 10 …Royals 0

The third inning saw the Royals turn to rookie phenom Jacob Harrington. In his first outing of the season he made quick work of the Astros, striking out two on his way to a scoreless third, but it was the catch he made robbing Ivan Wisuri of a sure double that had the fans talking.  Brayden would return for his third and final inning of work, striking out two and making his own terrific stop with a backhand snag of a sure basehit. End of Three: Astros 10 …Royals 0

To the fourth and final inning we go. The Astros saw back to back doubles by Brayden and Ivan and a single by Cam Randazza on their way to a five-run inning. Tim Donohoe would take the ball in relief and would closing things out. End of Game: Astros 15 …Royals 0

It was a fun warm night of baseball with both teams battling to the very end. Best of luck to both teams with the final remaining games and into the playoffs.