Royals over Padres 10-8

Game Played on 6/3/2018 9:00 AM at Cool 1
Results were reported on 6/3/2018 10:13 PM
GameID: 16713

Pitching for Royals Pitching for Padres
NameAgePitch Count
Maxwell Mitchell850
TJ Hutt940
NameAgePitch Count
James Flanagan975
John Costa821

The weather was perfect for a Sunday morning baseball game at Coolidge 1 with the Padres traveling to play the Royals.

The Padres came out swinging with Zavonte Walker starting the game off with a single, followed by Brody Sheard reaching on a hit by pitch.  Dennis Moody, James Flanagan, Jack Costa, Connor Bouffard, and Cooper Lindsey all strung together hits plating 5 runs.  The Royals showed off their patience at the plate in the bottom half of the inning around a single by Brady O’Connell, also plating 5 runs.

End of 1: Padres 5, Royals 5

Max Mitchell came back out to the mound throwing strikes for the Royals, striking out two of the three batters in the inning.  James Flanagan was back out for the Padres and was able to strike out two batters, in between some walks with the Royals scoring three runs, before he reached his pitch limit.  Jack Costa came in and recorded the last out leaving the bases loaded. 

End of 2: Padres 5, Royals 8

Max was back for the third, with Noah Couture reaching base and then scoring on a long single by Brody Sheard.  Max recorded two outs before James Couture had an RBI single, scoring Brody.  This brought Max to his pitch limit and the Royals brought in veteran TJ Hutt, who recorded a strike out ending the Padres threat.  Jack quickly struck out the side in the bottom half of the inning.

End of 3: Padres 7, Royals 8

Connor Bouffard reached to start the 4th.  TJ settled down to get two outs, but Connor was able to make his was around the bases with help from a walk to Jackson Morgan and a single by Alex Keith.  TJ was able to hold the Padres to one run by making a nice catch in the field for the 3rd out.

The Royals were swinging the bats in the bottom half with Brady O’Connell, Max Mitchell and Wes Tuttle stringing together some hits to score two runs before Jack settled down to end the inning with a couple of strike outs.

End of 4: Padres 8, Royals 10

The Padres were hoping for big 5th inning but TJ had other ideas, tagging out a base runner in between 2 strike outs. 

End of 5: Padres 8, Royals 10

Good luck to both teams for the remainder of the season and into the playoffs.