Flaherty Physical Therapy over Applebees 10-9

Game Played on 6/3/2018 12:00 PM at Dean Field #2
Results were reported on 6/4/2018 9:16 AM
GameID: 16717

Pitching for Flaherty Physical Therapy Pitching for Applebees
NameAgePitch Count
Ava Nelson102
Anika Karre101
NameAgePitch Count
Mahi Mattu112
Anna Thomas92

Picture perfect day to play softball!  Applebee's would give us a jolt to the heart with their first up at bat when Lily started things off by hitting a double.  The first inning would end with a great defensive double play by the Narwhals. 
The innings continued and the unlimited walks continued putting more pressure on the pitchers and the defense to make plays.  In total, both teams were up to bat 26 times.  The game was close each inning.  Final score:  10/1-Narwhals
Chloe: 2
Claire: 1
Ava: 2
Anika: 2
Cassiday: 1
Caroline: 1
Lauren: 1

Mahi: 3
McKenna: 1
Aleena: 2
Madelilne: 1
Lily: 2