Mets over Angels 11-5

Game Played on 6/5/2018 5:30 PM at Dean3
Results were reported on 6/5/2018 11:52 PM
GameID: 16729

Pitching for Mets Pitching for Angels
NameAgePitch Count
Justin Lee1074
Jake Record1028
NameAgePitch Count
Tyler Boehnke1045
Andrew Stumm1180
Mason Loughlin916

The Mets and Angels met tonight on Dean 3 after two days of rainy/cold weather.  The field crew did a great job tending to the field to get it game ready.

Both teams battled hard and played a very competitive game with the Mets coming out on top 11-5.

The Angels sent out Tyler Boehnke, Andrew Stumm, and Mason "The Dealer" Loughlin to the hill.  They gave the Mets all they could handle.  As a staff they had 8 strikeouts and they picked up some fine defensive plays.  Rory Shanley threw out a Mets player from his catcher position and Boden Kuhnel snagged a sharply hit line drive at SS from Anthony G Man Giampapa as well.

The Mets countered with Justin Lee and Jake Record.  Justin went 3 innings and had 5ks and Jake had 4 Ks through 2 innings of work.  The Mets picked up some nice defensive plays as well.

Offensively the Angels were led by:

Rory Shanley 2-2, 2 singles, RBI, and run scored
Tyler Boehnke 2-2, 2 singles and 2 runs scored
Tom Dowling 1-2, single, 2 RBI, and run scored
Johnny "Jack it out" Blattner 1-2 with a single
Spencer Loughlin on base twice and scored a run
Boden Kuhnel BB
Holden May BB

Offensively the Mets were led by:

Jake Record 1-2, solid double, 2 RBI, BB, and 2 runs scored
Eddie Aloupis 1-1, single, RBI, HBP, BB, and 3 runs scored
Anthony G man Giampapa 1-2, single, BB, and 2 runs scored
Justin Lee 1-2, single, BB, and run scored
Antman Manolakos 2BB
Chris D'Antilio BB and scored a run
Brendan Lyonnais on base and scored a run
Jadon JD Dumont on base twice - great contact
Colin Duffy 2BB and scored a run - 2 good at-bats

Best of luck to both teams in the playoffs!