Aviators over Aces 8-7

Game Played on 4/28/2019 11:00 AM at Dean 3
Results were reported on 4/28/2019 8:56 PM
GameID: 17777

Pitching for Aviators Pitching for Aces
NameAgePitch Count
Khwaja Hussain969
Jackson Lee950
Mason Loughlin1016
NameAgePitch Count
Mason Doyle875
Anthony Tizzano973

Our first game for the Aviators after waiting for the weather to cooperate and what a game for both sides. This one had it all with back and forth lead changes along with clutch base hits and extra innings. Khaja started for the Aviators and pitched fantastic over 4 inning and even threw out a runner on a ground ball from the seat of his pants.

The aces scored two runs in the first as Charlie and James scored for the Aces but Farzaad got out of the inning without allowing further damage.The aviators scored 3 in the first with Tim,Mason, and Farzaad all scoring runs. Eventually the Aviators built a 5-2 lead with Matt and Patrick scoring runs on hits by Tim,Jackson,and Gino. The Aces fought back and took a 7-5 lead with numerous hits in a row. The aviators were down two runs in the bottom of the 6th but Adam and Alex were able to get on base and eventually score on a big hit by Tim to tie the game. Mason then hit a flyball that the 2nd basemen made a nice catch on to force extra innings. Mason then went to the mound and pitched a 1-2-3- inning to give the Aviators a chance to win the game. Farzaad started the inning off by getting on base and Jackson followed by getting on as well. Two batters later Rishi Prassad ended this incredible game with a base hit up the middle to score Jackson and the Aviators would win a wild one 8-7. A fantastic fun gam that will be hard to top.