Lori Mancini, Realtor-Collins & Demac over J.J. Bafaro 9-8

Game Played on 5/16/2019 5:30 PM at Dean Field #2
Results were reported on 5/17/2019 2:29 PM
GameID: 18840

Pitching for Lori Mancini, Realtor-Collins & Demac Pitching for J.J. Bafaro
NameAgePitch Count
Mackenzie Maynard93
Alayna Alie92
NameAgePitch Count
Erin Boulay103
Mia Raffi101
Ava Weigold101

This game featured two very talented teams, a pregame rainstorm and late game sun in the batters eyes. Neither team missed a beat in dealing with weather and missing players on both sides

Team Mancini posted a four run first inning, and team Bafaro came right back with two of their own. This came despite strong starting pitching from Erin Boulay and Mackenzie Maynard. Both recorded multiple strikeouts to open the game.

Mackenzie Maynard pitched three total innings and recorder a game high 7 K's! Great job. Alayna Alie added two solid innings and 4 more K's to this total! An overall strong outing on the mound for both girls.

Erin Boulay also pitched three great innings and recorded six strikeouts!!! She was followed up by great relief pitching from both Mia Raffi (2K's in one inning) and "The Closer", Ava Weigold!

Offensively, the game was always within 2, and featured three lead changes. Both teams got hitting right through their lineups. Highlights included

Emma Ellis- 3-3 with 1 RBI and 2 SB. Great Job!
Niti Tyagi- 2-3 with 1 RBI
Alexandra Taupier- 2-3 with 1 RBI
Miu Takekawa- 2-3 with 1 RBI, 1 SB and the catch of the game in center field. Great Job!
Makenzie Maynard- 2-3 with 1 RBI and 1 SB

Addison O'Connor 2-3
Erin Boulay 3-4 with 2RBI  and 1 SB. Great Job!
Ava Weigod a perfect 3-3 with 2 SB!
Mia Raffi 2-3 with 2 SB
Rileigh Fitzgerald 2-3

Thanks to both the players and coaching staff of team Bafaro for a competitive and well played game. Best of luck to both teams heading into the second half of the season!